Everyone participating in any sporting or recreational activity at Chicago Indoor Sports, MUST sign a waiver. Save time and do it at home via our website. Just check in with us when you arrive!

Facility rules must be observed at all times. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the facility and/or termination of rental agreements.

1. Bag Check. All bags must be checked for prohibited items by facility or league security before entering the facility. Refusal to allow a bag check will result in denial of entry. Prohibited items include but are not limited to: Chewing gum, marker pens, alcohol, knives or other weapons.

2. Outside food or drink. We do not allow outside food or drink to enter the facility, with the exception of one water container or sports drink per player. Outside alcohol is not permitted at any time.

3. Waivers. All players must sign a waiver at the front desk or with the appropriate league management, before entering the field of play. Signs are posted at the entrance of the fields. Failure to do so is tantamount to trespassing. Leagues are responsible for enforcing the waiver policy with their members as part of their contractual terms and conditions.

4. Cleats. Players are not permitted to use cleats at any time. Failure to follow this directive will result in a ban from playing until permitted footwear is used. Leagues are responsible for the enforcement of the strict ‘No Cleats’ policy with their members. Failure to actively enforce the policy may be met with a fine or early termination of any rental agreement.

5. Gum. The chewing of gum is strictly prohibited in the building. Signs are posted at the entrance to the building and the entrance to the fields. Any players caught chewing gum on the fields will be subject to a $100 fine and possible ejection from the facility. Leagues are responsible for enforcing this policy with their members. Any employees of a league caught chewing gum, will be immediately ejected from the building and not permitted to return. Leagues with persistent gum violations face possible early termination of their rental agreement.

6. Insurance. All leagues and event planners must secure insurance coverage for their on-site operations and indemnify Chicago Indoor Sports against any and all claims of liability. Proof of coverage must be provided to validate any contract.

7. No Solicitation. Chicago Indoor Sports does not permit solicitation for the purposes of rival leagues or facilities, or unauthorized goods and services.

8. Unauthorized trademark use. Any and all use of the Chicago Indoor Sports trademark must be pre-approved by company management.

9. Security. All leagues must provide adequate security staff while operating. This includes but is not limited to; front entrance security, bag check security, floor and field security.